With this fundraiser we want to donate defibrillators to the city of Ancona, to be installed in all squares,
parks, bike paths, pedestrian areas, and densely crowded places for timely intervention.

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“A shock to the heart,” and it is the shock of a defibrillator administered within the first few minutes of a cardiac arrest that can greatly increase survival.

The time to intervene is very short: survival rates decrease by 7-10% per minute if defibrillator intervention is not taken.

If a cardiac arrest victim is not defibrillated within 10 minutes, his or her chance of survival is less than 2%. If the heart does not restart within the first 5 minutes, the patient may receive irreversible brain damage.

It is from these statistics that Unbeatables has decided to launch a heartshake, with the goal of raising funds to install as many defibrillators as possible in the municipality.

Ancona: a cardio protected city

We donated and installed some defibrillators to the city of Ancona. We have them scattered throughout the city (in parks, in the busiest places, in squares) to ensure immediate intervention if needed.

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With your help we will ensure timely interventions even in crowded places.