Our Board of Directors.

Nicholas Innocentin

Vice President

Simone Ambrosi


Francis Piacenza

Secretary - Scientific contact person



Promoting prevention


Raising public awareness


Funding research projects


Offering psychological assistance to patients



Unbeatable Onlus is association of former athletes and sportsmen suffering from congenital arrhythmic cardiomyopathies.

Since 2016, the nonprofit has been committed to offering support to patients and their families, spreading knowledge about heart disease of genetic origin, and supporting scientific research for the prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death (MCI).

Congenital cardiomyopathies are a silent “killer”: present from birth, they can remain asymptomatic for years and, when undiagnosed, manifest suddenly with sudden cardiac death. Young athletes are often the victims because intense physical activity is a major “trigger” for malignant arrhythmias and cardiac arrest.

dentifying at an early stage those most at risk of sudden death through screening activities is critical for implementing prevention strategies and appropriate treatments.

Only in this way can we succeed in saving more lives, on and off the playing field.

Donating is an important gesture. Do it from the heart!

Sudden cardiac death (SCD) kills 60,000 people in Italy each year , half of them without any obvious heart disease before death.

The population incidences of genetic, structural and nonstructural cardiomyopathies causing Sudden Death are as follows:

Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Long QT syndrome
Short QT syndrome
Da 1:3000-10000
Brugada Syndrome
Polymorphic Catecholaminergic Exercise Tachycardia.

Our stories

Simone Ambrosi - Footballer

When I took the field I always felt a strong emotion … in soccer I had found everything: running, venting, friends, the will to win. Then suddenly everything went dark–wires, monitors, surgeries, white coats, and a damn beeping sound that didn’t let up on me for weeks, day and night. Suddenly life changed, I felt lost, until I decided to do this project–the UNBEATABLES!

Caterina Piola - Swimmer

The water was my ideal environment, the opponents silent… Everything was in a distant, muffled sound, my heart beat the rhythm of the strokes… I did not hear any bells ringing, the cardiomyopathy that struck me, showed up without asking for permission… Now I look at that water with different eyes… now I am afraid! Then a call, a summons that lit up my heart to which I could not say No: to become a UNBEATABLES!

Linda Spinelli - Cyclist

I loved riding my bike: the wind in my face, my heart pounding, my legs aching, my teammates, the training sessions, the races… Cycling was my freedom, my source of serenity and the means to overcome daily problems. Running on a bike teaches you a great lesson: after an uphill there is a downhill …or an even more challenging uphill! And so it happened: yearly visits, electrocardiogram, ultrasound of the heart, and here she comes into my life, Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy of the Right Ventricle. Goodbye cycling, goodbye riding.
No sport was suitable for me. Suddenly I was catapulted into a world of hospitals, medicines, surgeries, defibrillators, shocks. But I am still here, I am a survivor, I am an UNBEATABLES!

Dimitri Vitaletti - Nature Lover

I wasn’t a sportsman, I didn’t leave a team and friends, I was just a simple boy, living in the country, living free among nature and its games. …For years I stopped living to survive, years filled with suffering….
Now I try hard, with me are wife and children, I always think about their future….
Meeting Simone in that bar was a sign of destiny, she did not hesitate, she was able to read me inside and channel what I had never been able to express-I am an UNBEATABLES!