Unbeatables Onlus is no-profit association constituted by ex-athletes and sportsman all affected by inherited cardiac arrhythmias.

From 2016, the association aims to a) offer support to the mentioned patients and to the related families, b) spreading the knowledge around this pathology and c) support the scientific research concerning the prevention of this kind of Sudden Death.

Inherited cardiac arrhythmias are known as “silent killer” since they are present from the birth and may remain without any symptoms for a lot of time until one day came up suddenly leading to an unexpected death.

Generally, the most affected patients are young competitive sportsman since it has been found that exhaustive exercise represents a deleterious trigger of this pathology. Each year, more than 1000 young athletes under 35 years old, apparently healthy, die from Sudden Death.

Sudden cardiac death kills each year 60000 people in Italy and 350.000 in US to whom no diagnosis of cardiomyopathy has never been released. Sudden Cardiac Death is probably responsible for more than 4 million of death in Europe caused by cardiac diseases.

One of the major aim of the scientific research is to identify biomarkers for clinical prevention and to develop new pharmaceuticals to improve the clinical therapy.

For both purposes, a protocol of continuous screening is mandatory.
Only through this way we will try to save lives both inside and outside the playground.

Il Presidente   

Simone Ambrosi

Firma Simone Ambrosi


  1. Inform the public opinion on this pathology and the related side effects
  2. Promote the prevention
  3. Promote research projects
  4. Offer psicological support to patients and caregivers.

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