Diagnosis in 2006, implant in 2009. My illness is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy of the septum …
Since the discovery of the disease there has never been anything obvious: the idea of ​​sudden death does not leave you any respite. Everything becomes so unpredictable, changeable, absurdly precarious. Everything can become dark between three … two … one .. And this terror takes you to two roads: the distressing fall into a ravine of panic, or the leap of this ravine, the rebirth continues. The awareness of the end leads you to want to devour everything. You want to feel strong and clear every moment of your life, you can not let anything go to waste. Feel not having time, not being able to allow you to throw a second, and then take, take take .. But all this becomes a huge responsibility, a burden to be greater and greater, a colossal load of expectations and claims to you same. This is the crucial point for me now. To love, in that full and conscious way, every fucking moment for what it is. And try, without finding it, the sense that has that moment for me. Only in this way have I discovered that I can truly appreciate everything and feel things for what I am, without fear anymore.

Eli Pieroni

Symptoms since 1998
Arrhythmogenic dysplasia diagnosis since 2007
“As a boy spying on the boys play the fool rhythm of your heart sick, and you get the urge to go out and try what you are to take to the grass, and keep you wanting more, and keep thinking how the hell do they catch their breath.”

Cit. de André

Vera Signoroni

1999 Heart Disease Hypertrophic Obstructive – Bearer ICD
“A winner is only a dreamer who never gave up.”

Cit. Nelson Mandela.

Teresa Marotta

STEFANINI LUCA Died at 20 years
Autopsy results ARVD
“…Luke had a big heart, was a golden boy, what everybody would like to have as a friend, as a training partner, as a brother, as a son…
…The story of Luke knows very well, unfortunately, in the pages of newspapers, in doctors convictions, processes…
…I am a mom and I still feel Luke’s Mom in every minute of the day…
…That’s why I continue to fight against the superficiality in the diagnosis, I would like to show the world the worst example of what can happen… to get that does not happen again… “

Mina Francisco

…In the adverse circumstances that I faced, I always had the awareness that the family is like an oak tree, by the many roots, deep and strong…
…A united group is also getting stronger against the most rare diseases.
Be united and exchange tips and experiences helps to live… never be afraid of the disease, we all together we are stronger…
Applaud those guys who prodicano against Sudden Death.

Lucia Anna

Self-taught painter Linda Rossi-Ferrari, born in Marseille (FR) on November 1, 1982, lives in Ticino from the age of 5 years.
Related to art and design since childhood, while not attending schools and environments related to art, has always expressed an innate desire in the design, resulted in the painting. In 2008 Linda is a victim of sudden cardiac arrest and is saved by colleagues thanks to a defibrillator and resuscitation. Touch the death inevitably haunts his life bringing it to existential questions.
It has been long and difficult rehabilitation, including Cardiocentro and clinics. Among the various forms of rehabilitation, the most emotional was the painting, to the need to express emotions too strong to contain so finding order in the chaos of life…

Linda Rossi Ferrari

1994 – hypertrophic cardiomyopathy diagnosis nonobstructive
2006 – implanted defibrillator
2016 – in for the transplant list

“Imagine if THAT day really arrived
you’d understand by Heaven that has NO mystery
It would be the BEGINNING of a new path
WITHOUT fear that Cold cuts in you that is NOT the winter.
Fearless in the world would that EYES IF nothing is stranger than help us.”

Giulia Bazzighi

Everything has changed January 3, 2010, do you think your son is safe and is having fun in the mountains with friends and then get a call that makes the blood run cold you… and you find it difficult to recover… but life goes on and after less than a month, the eldest child begins to have problems. …and you fall into the abyss, but this time it is still time…
Are now only two… but despite the difficult times the team continues with a protector in heaven, and one dancer in the heart…

Fabrizia Ferri

I never stopped at nothing but the December 1, 2001, was my heart that he decided to stop…
Today I still try a peak to climb, the harder, the highest… No throwing in the towel, for us and for future generations.

Alessandro Marengo

I chose to continue the race for life.
Him and he let me.
3 appropriate interventions have saved me.

Adriana Polledri

I would walk down the pitch always felt a strong emotion… in football I found everything: running, vent, friends, desire to win.
Then suddenly everything became dark… cables, monitors, interventions, white coats and a damn beeps not dumped me for weeks, day and night.
Suddenly, life has changed, I felt lost, until I decided to do this project… the Unbeatables!

Simone AmbrosiPresidente

The water was my ideal environment, the silent opponents…
everything was in a distant sound, muffled, my heart it marked the rhythm of the strokes…
I did not hear no bell ringing, cardiomyopathy that struck me, was presented without asking permission…
Now I look at that water with different eyes… now I’m afraid!
Then a call, a call that has illuminated my heart that I could not say No: become a Unbeatables!

Caterina PiolaVice Presidente

…I was not an athlete, I have not left a team and friends, I was just a simple guy, I lived in the countryside, free, lived between nature and its games.
…For years I stopped living to survive, years full of suffering…
Now I put all with me are his wife and children, I always think about their future…
The meeting with Simon in that bar was a sign of destiny, did not hesitate, he knew how to read my mind and channeling that I was never able to express… I’m a Unbeatables!

Dimitri VitalettiConsigliere

I loved riding a bike: the wind in my face, my heart beating a thousand, aching legs, teammates, workouts, races …
Cycling was my freedom, my source of serenity and the means to overcome everyday problems.
Riding a bike teaches you a great lesson: after a climb is the descent
…Or a more challenging climb!
And so it happened: annual visits, EKG, heart ultrasound and here in my life enters you, Cardiomyopathy Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricle. Farewell cycling, horse riding farewell.
No sport was for me. Suddenly, I was catapulted into a world of hospitals, medicines, operations, defibrillators, shocks.
But I’m still here, I’m a survivor, I’m a Unbeatables!

Linda SpinelliSocio Fondatore

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